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CATT Turkey 2014 conference success

Written by Alex Dahm - 02 Jun 2014


The second International Cranes and Transport Turkey conference, organised jointly by KHL Group (publisher of IC and CPT) and APA Publishing, was attended by more than 200 guests. The conference in Istanbul on 8 May brought together many important names from the industry and from public authorities. It was also the stage for a number of presentations of national and international projects.


Attendees included national and international managers, academics and public sector officials. Topics included the national economy and the future of the sector, experience with issues and challenges, new legislation, best practices from successful projects, new equipment and technology. Following an opening session, there were four sessions entitled Transportation and Operations, Safety and Best Practices, Projects and Exemplary Applications, with presentations and speeches made by 11 experts.



Feedback from participants at the event was overwhelmingly positive. Ramazan Midilli, Vinçder president, who participated with several members of the association, evaluated the event as follows, “This is a conference that should take place every year. The sector needs such events. The issues that have been discussed have the potential to light the way for heavy transportation and crane companies. The crane operation sector in Turkey is like a newly shining star. The sector has existed since the 1980s but, until six or seven years ago, it was very limited. For the last six years the sector has come into the light and has started to make waves.”


Kerim Başakıncı, DAS Otomotiv director, said that he was very happy with the conference, the first of which took place in 2012. “The number of participants was significantly higher than the first event. The participant profile and presentations were impressive. Almost all of the representatives of the sector, both national and international, were in attendance. These types of conferences contribute to the development of the awareness of safety and security in the sector.”


Florian Peters, Manitowoc product specialist, said that the event was great for meeting potential clients in the Turkish market, adding, “The market is growing every year. There are some important developments and innovations in the field of crawler cranes. We can say that transportation and logistics have sped up.”


Zhu Dan, Sany vice president, said that the conference was very positive for them, “Taking part in this meeting was very important for us. Turkey has a significant place in the heavy transportation and crane market due to its geographical location. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey has important relations and connections with both sides. Turkey also has world class companies and products.”


Samet Gürsü, Hareket operations manager and speaker at the event, commented, “I think that the conference was quite beneficial, especially the information given by KGM authorities and academics regarding transportation that requires special permission. This issue was important to me and the private sector and public authorities were exposed to this information. I think that in the next period we will be able to make progress. The conference brings together the sector, increasing trade and allowing us to meet with companies operating in different areas.”


Ünal Nakipler, Enka İnşaat Machinery and Supply Group deputy general manager, was among the attendees at the conference. Nakipler said that the event was beneficial not only for crane and project transportation companies but for all sectors, adding, “The sector has some deficiencies. I think we need more of these events to remedy this situation. We need to achieve harmony between the state actors and the private sector through these events in order to work more safely and produce high quality work. When we achieve these two criteria, I think we should continue to raise the bar.”


One of the most anticipated presentations at CATT 2014 was that of Recep Çimen, STFA İnşaat Group Machinery Supply Chain vice president. After his presentation Çimen commented, “The event was highly successful in terms of the number of participants and the quality. The conference was especially successful as it unified all of the related parties. These events are beneficial in increasing the level of knowledge in the sector, attracting international attention to Turkey and bringing together vendors and clients. The conference was also significant as it united actors in the sector with officials from public authorities.”


Taşkın Taş, Yapı Merkezi operations chief, said, “The crane and project transportation conference is beneficial as an event where we are exposed to national and international projects simultaneously. In this way large companies are able to become informed regarding works ongoing at the national and international levels. I believe that the conference will help to internationalise the sector and increase communication. As far as I can see, the conference is being supported by a number of associations and groups. I believe that this conference will also strengthen the ties between such organisations.”


Levent Kuşgöz, İzmir Vinç member of the board, said, “I think that the event was very successful and beneficial. All of the representatives of the sector and the related parties for the issues experienced by the sector participated. I believe that future events will be attended by an even larger number of people. This is because sector companies need to discuss events that are unfolding and issues all together.”


Mahmut Ulutaş, Ultrans Company manager, commented, “I was very satisfied with the first edition of the event organised two years ago. For the second edition of the conference my expectations were even higher and they were met. This event is also significant for me personally. It was the first event I took part in under the title cranes and heavy transportation. I would like to thank all sponsors supporting the event, Apa Publishing and the KHL Group.”

2014 Speakers

2012 Turkey conference

delivers in Istanbul


Written by Euan Youdale - 05 Jun 2012


The International Cranes and Transport Turkey Conference, held at the Wow hotel in Istanbul on 5 June, 2012, was the first event of its kind in the country.


Organised by KHL Group and APA Publishing, the one day event was held in a country at the centre of a region where the crane and transport sector is looking forward to strong growth in the infrastructure, industrial and energy sectors.


Asaf Savas Akat, professor of economics at Istanbul Bilgi University, set the pace wıth with a valuable insight into the challenges faced in the country and the surrounding region. Despite requirements for a higher skilled workforce and improved education system, however, the cornerstones are in place politically and privately to overcome these issues, among others, he said.


In his presentation Cüneyt Divriş, president of Turkey construction machinery association IMDER, added that Turkey was the fourth biggest construction market in Europe and the 11th biggest in the world.


Richard Peckover, regional director of heavylift and transport specialist ALE, gave an overview of the sector and the challenges faced, for example, underdeveloped roads and other infrastructure.


Hanifi Gürbüz, president of Turkey-based lifting services giant Sarilar, said the industry should get together to solve problems, including a confusing permit system, training, and the need to use newer equipment. He added that working in some surrounding countries, for example, Turkmenistan, can be difficult, particularly when it comes to chasing payment following the completion of a job.


The conference was followed by an evening networking event.





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"Load Systems UK would like to thank all the delegates who attended our stand at the International Crane & Transport conference in Turkey. It provided us with a unique opportunity to meet with key decision makers from the industry and the chance to learn more about the Turkish market where we are looking forward to expanding our existing business. We would also like to offer our special thanks to KHL and their team for organising the conference, their support and assistance during the event."


Kirk Anderson, Managing Director, Load Systems UK Ltd

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